ARC’s Geoff Marietta to expand role as Executive Vice President of Finance

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) today announced that the President of its Enterprise Division, Geoff Marietta, will expand his role to also now serve as ARC’s Executive Vice President of Finance, taking the lead of the company’s finance team. Marietta has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, education, and community development and has added immense value to […]

How I said goodbye to drugs and hello to fatherhood Hi, my name is Hunter Glasscock. For years, Father’s Day didn’t mean anything to me. It was just another day to run around and get my fix. I couldn’t afford to buy anything for my dad, and seeing my own kids wasn’t a priority. Honestly, it got in the way of my drinking and […]

Addiction treatment remains priority even amid busy summer schedules

As summer quickly approaches, the treatment specialists at Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) are reminding individuals and families to prioritize addressing challenges with substance use, even during the busy months. Research suggests that rates of initial drug and alcohol use as well as addiction relapse may be higher in the summertime — due to increased exposure […]

ARC’s therapeutic community program receives CARF accreditation

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) today announced that it has become the first addiction treatment provider in Kentucky to receive accreditation from CARF for its therapeutic community program. This approval from accreditors underscores ARC’s commitment to providing world-class, individualized, comprehensive treatment that fosters personal growth and accountability within its peer-to-peer community. Therapeutic communities are highly structured […]

Trauma and addiction are connected

June is National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month. Rich Goddard, a registered nurse and trauma specialized clinical counselor at Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), is sharing how trauma can impact an individual’s struggle with substance use – and that healing is within reach. Approximately 12 million adults live with post-traumatic stress (PTS) nationwide, according to […]

I’ve been sober for 10 years. Here’s how I did it.

Hi, I’m Matt Brown. For 18 years, I battled addiction. Over the past decade, my journey through addiction recovery has been life-changing. I’ve learned that recovery is about more than just staying sober — it’s about embracing a new way of living. Here are some key insights that have helped me transform my life. First, […]

ARC, Dickenson County receive $1.7 million to fund Wildwood Health & Wellness Center

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), Dickenson County Board of Supervisors, and developer Greg May Southwest Properties, LLC today announced that they have been awarded $1.7 million in opioid abatement funds for the planned Wildwood Health & Wellness Center in Southwest Virginia (with plans to secure an additional $1.6 million in the 2026 fiscal year). The Wildwood […]

ARC’s Lawrence Vinson to focus on healthcare compliance and quality in expanded role

As part of their ongoing commitment to compliance and quality care for Kentuckians impacted by substance use disorder, Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) today announced that its Chief of Staff and Chief Quality Officer, Lawrence Vinson, will extend his role to serve also as Chief Compliance Officer. While continuing to ensure maximum quality of care — […]

ARC Shares Helpful Resources to Save Lives

This week, during Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Prevention Week, ARC is shining a spotlight on the vital role evidence-based prevention initiatives play in the fight against the addiction epidemic. Prevention is a critical component in changing the calculus of the addiction crisis. If we can implement effective strategies to reduce […]

ARC’s Liaison Team surpasses significant milestone in fight against substance use disorder

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) is proud to announce that its Liaison Team has successfully connected over 20,000 individuals to substance use disorder treatment since its inception in 2018. This significant achievement underscores ARC’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives and communities impacted by addiction. “This milestone is more than just a number; it represents thousands of […]