Q/A | Bellefonte Community CEO discusses future

As the days pass, we at Addiction Recovery Care are counting down the days to opening Bellefonte Hospital and Recovery Center in Greenup County. In May, we announced the hiring of Johnathan Frazier as the center’s Chief Executive Officer. Frazier brings healthcare executive leadership experience to the team. He most recently served as Market CEO for NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals.

What should people know about you?

I am a country boy from West Virginia. I’m 20 years in recovery and excited to share my experiences and lessons learned. Since then, I’ve been working in psychiatric care, implementing hospitals along the east coast, and I am so excited to join Addiction Recovery Care’s mission and family.

What will make Bellefonte Hospital and Recovery Center unique?

Not only will we be able to help those in recovery. We will also be able to help those with severe mental health issues. And that’s important. Through research, we have uncovered that it is a primary component for some who are in addiction. I believe this will enhance the community and the earmark that ARC has with helping everyone.

What about ARC’s Crisis to Career™ model excites you?

I believe it is so important for people to have continuity of care. Addiction Recovery Care has mastered this component: you are just not going to a hospital to get well for a temporary season. You are coming in, and you are being helped from start to finish. As well as giving you support throughout your journey of recovery and mental health.

What would you say to the people and communities we serve?

It’s an exciting time for ARC, those who need help, and the communities we serve. We give back to the community and share from our perspective – that many of us have been there (in addiction) and understand.

Frazier currently resides in Charleston, West Virginia, and received his Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Concord University and his Master’s in Executive Leadership from Liberty University.

ARC is working toward a partial opening date of the Bellefonte Hospital and Recovery Center in late 2023 or early 2024, with renovations underway.