24/7 ACCESS | Getting help has never been easier

Do you or a loved one battling addiction need help NOW? Well, then, access to treatment has never been easier. One of the most alarming questions we hear from those in crisis is, “How long do I have to wait for a bed?”.

Answer: There is no waiting!

Before Medicaid expansion in Kentucky, getting the help someone needed was tough. Let’s just be honest. Some folks waited days, weeks, and, yes, in some cases, even months. We lost co-workers, friends, and even family.

Providers like ours worked with lawmakers to expand Medicaid. It was the only way to ensure everyone had access to the treatment they deserved.

So what’s the reality versus then and now? Keep reading or check out the video.

@arccenters Access to treatment has changed! YOU can get the help you need, right now! #addiction #treatment #youcanrecover ♬ Hope - Instrumental - XXXTENTACION



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