Inside ARC | Michael Clark’s Story

With thousands battling addiction across Kentucky and hundreds dying yearly in our communities, Addiction Recovery Care brings the discussion and solutions to your televisions. Inside ARC is a 30-minute show is centered around real people, stories, and conversations. The show airs Thursday nights at 7:00 PM and again Friday at 10:00 AM on WYMT-TV in Hazard, Kentucky.

"I wanted to be the best drug dealer out there".

Episode two features Addiction Recovery Care Community Liaison and Letcher County Pastor Michael Clark. He grew up in Harlan County, played sports, and was a high-performing student. However, after parties would lead Michael down a difficult road, he spent years battling addiction.

"I have goals and dreams today."

A few years ago, Michael entered treatment, and as the old saying goes, the rest is history.

“I started to dream again.” said Clark “I had gone my whole life since I was a child, and I hadn’t dreamed. I had given up on everything I had ever wanted.”

Clark finished his education, earning a degree. He now works in jails, courtrooms, and communities across eastern Kentucky, helping others discover long-term recovery. Possibly most importantly, he rooted a church in downtown Whitesburg, got married, and owns a home.

“I’m still dreaming. I’m still believing my best days are in front of me,” added Clark. “I couldn’t be at my son’s baseball games – I was banned from the field. I’m the baseball coach now. I wasn’t there to see my daughter start high school. But I helped my daughter pack up, and she’s in pharmacy school now. I’m the dad she always needed.”