Hear why this ARC employee chooses to go to jail

Cadena Burton is no stranger to the Montgomery County Regional Jail. 

A few short years ago, she was a frequent inmate who found her addiction always leading her back behind bars. 

Years later, Cadena returns week after week to provide hope to others that are currently living the life she used to know all too well.

“You can’t incarcerate yourself out of it."

Her visits are part of an Addiction Recovery Care program focused on providing classes to help inmates. On this Friday the class is called Criminal Thinking and focuses on why those in addiction make the decisions they do.

“I have always wanted to come back into the jail ever since I got in recovery,” said Cadena. “ For one I want to implement to others that there is hope because I once sat in this same jail that they have.”

Cadena meets with inmates weekly

Montgomery County Jailer Ian Roberts has welcomed the program with open arms. He says he will always be an advocate to those struggling with addiction and believes jail should be more than just a concrete building with barbed wire. 

“We see that this is not going to fix itself,” said Roberts. “You can’t incarcerate yourself out of it. We are here to plant a seed and I want to watch that seed grow while they are here and even on the outside.” 

Cadena says if her visits help just one person it will have all been worth it.