Reclaiming Recovery Conference challenges status quo of addiction treatment

A partnership between The Healing Place and Addiction Recovery Care brought together more than 150 addiction treatment professionals in Louisville. The Reclaiming Recovery Conference moved the needle forward on innovation in the field and how collaboration across state lines leads to better long-term recovery outcomes.

“It was interesting from both an educational and clinical side,” said Michelle Wheeler, a clinical nurse. “Then there was an interactive side, which makes conferences much more interesting.”

The two-day conference looked at best practices across addiction treatment. Panels discussed how those practices molded together provide optimal opportunities for long-term recovery.

“This was a great opportunity to plant seeds,” said Carolyn Wallace, who works as an assessment clinician. “The collaboration and connectedness to try and make things better set the conference apart.”

Organizers hope that bringing influential people from multiple states together unearthed new opportunities to shape the future of addiction treatment. They plan to make the conference an annual event in Louisville and a staple among addiction treatment professionals.