WKYT Investigation | ‘Wasp dope’ and the drug epidemic

WKYT Wasp Dope Investigation

As the drug epidemic surges across the Bluegrass and nation, a newer drug is catching the eye of researchers.

WKYT reporter Garrett Wymer dug deeper into ‘Wasp dope’ during his most recent investigation. Wymer talked to the University of Kentucky Epidemiology Professor Dr. April Young, who’s believed to be the first to provide the first study documenting the drug.

 “The study found that rates of wasp dope use are also strongly associated with homelessness, lack of transportation and other risk factors,” Wymer detailed in the article.

In the in-depth look at the drug epidemic, he also talked with ARC Senior Vice President of Administration Matt Brown and Administrative Specialist Theresa Lafeve both of whom are in long-term recovery.

 “There was a point that I probably would’ve done just about anything you put in front of me,” said Theresa Lafeve, now an administrative specialist for ARC, “if you told me it was going to give me the effect that I wanted.”

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